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The Parata PASS 208: Getting the right dosages at the right times...

The Parata Pass system, nicknamed "Pete" by employees, sets Myers apart from other drug stores. This unique pouch packaging system takes the worry and hassle out of patients who must take multiple drugs at different times throughout the day. The machine is stored in house and customizes daily medication doses into small packs. Each pack has the drug enclosed written out, the time it should be consumed, and a perforated seam to take on the go. This prevents over or under dosage and ensures the proper medications are being taken. It can be used for at least 24 hour dosages and up to 30 day dosages. Additionally, each pouch can be customized for a facility or for a specific patient. Caregivers and the elderly would find this an extremely helpful tool to adhere to their medication regimen.

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Pete example pouches4Individual pouch